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We’re moving from the suburbs of Ohio into the city and taking you all along for the ride! There’s nothing like over-estimating your physical strength and under-estimating the amount of possessions you own. :)

Hope you enjoy part 1 of this series! We’ve been shooting clips for this for a little over a month and I can’t wait to share the highs and lows of moving twenty minutes away. I’m not melodramatic – I swear!!

Watch the seven minute self-documentary.

What’s Making Me Happy

Clothing made from 100% natural fibers.

I recently made my first  Capsule Wardrobe (watch the video here) and I realized how many cheap clothes I donated because they were falling apart. Going through my mom’s closet, I noticed that her t-shirts from the 1980s were still in good condition and incredibly soft. I decided that I want to only buy clothes that are made from 90%-100% natural fibers.

The white dress shirt I’m wearing in this photo is from Madewell and is 100% cotton. I wore it in New Orleans and was amazed at how well the fabric breathed. Even though the temperature was in the 90s, I was very comfortable in this long sleeve shirt walking around for several hours. Expect an updated Capsule Wardrobe video soon with my recent natural fiber clothing additions.

Neon Lights

This isn’t a new obsession, but it’s one I was reminded of recently. A few weeks ago, Sanguine and I went to meet friends for dinner, and stumbled upon a grocery store with these retro neon signs, while killing time before dinner. I’d love to do a photo collection of neon signs in unexpected places.

Honey, I’m Good.

This music video made me smile and laugh.


Disney World // Photo taken by my dad.

My mom taught me to take care of what you have and to embrace it without reservation.

My mom is third from the left wearing a flamingo watch. She wears a lot of loose clothes.
Lovely loose dress with actual ballet flats.

Her talent is is enhancing the features that made her unique and beautiful and her clothes are just an extension of that.

My parents.
My parents.

I’ve learned to look for clothes that fit me and buy quality over quantity. I have pieces of her wardrobe that she purchased in the 1980s that still look fantastic today because she took care of them.


How has your mother’s style influenced you?