Sweater: J.Crew | Skirt: Banana Republic (Similiar here) | Heels: Target (Similiar here)

 The weather has been so beautiful lately that we decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood and grab dinner at ZenCha in Short North. The leaves are starting to change and I love the colors and patterns the itty bitty leaves (the first of the leaves around here to fall) make all over the sidewalks.

While we were taking pictures, I was sitting on the steps of an apartment  assuming that it would be okay for a few minutes….but of course within a few seconds someone came walking up to the door and I had to move…so embarrassing!!

We met up with a friend for dinner and had a good time talking, eating, and drinking bubble tea. I think our oddest conversation was listing off the most pretentious color names we could think of: cerulean and lapis lazuli were probably the winners.

Question for you: What’s your favorite fall color?


Dress: Madewell | Shoes: Target | Watch: Vintage from Miami | Nail Polish: Essie Bahama Mama

Over the weekend a friend from New York came to visit and we spent hours walking around the city, eating, shopping, and hanging out. I’m really inspired by her and her style. She likes dark colors, geometric shapes, and gold accents right now. I was trying to put into words how I would describe her style, but could only come up with a few adjectives: sharp, cool, a little intimidating.

While we were out, we went into my favorite store, Madewell, and I made a bee-line to the clearance section. I picked out this black dress because I feel like even though I don’t think she would wear this type of dress, it’s kind of my interpretation of her New York style.

Question for you: Who are your style icons? (Either people you know personally or not.)


   Shirt: American Apparel | Lipstick: Nars Cruella 
I look forward to weekends because for the most part, it’s a gaurenteed two days free for projects. Generally, I get over ambitious with ideas and either try to do too many things or get overwhelmed and end up just binge watching a show or YouTube channel. 

This afternoon I was browsing Pinterest trying to find inspiration for creating a vintage braid look and ended up doing this simple double French braid pigtail. I like it because it kept the hair out of my face and still looks a little different from the typical single French braid. 

If you read my earlier post you’ll know I was watching The Village on Friday and was really inspired by the late 1800s hairstyles. I really love how women styled their long hair in that era because it looks so put together while still protecting the hair from heat. I’m planning on trying out a few more for this fall – stay tuned! :)

Question for you: what is inspiring your style right now?  




Banana Republic | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Sperry | Bag: Fossil | Coat: H&M

Earlier this week Sangbin and I went to a new restaurant in Short North with a friend from out of town. It was seriously so good that we back today for lunch. As we were waiting for our food, a guy in line asked us how many times we’ve been because he had seen so many repeat customers – might need to feature on the blog  soon!

On our way back home, we walked through the park to get some pictures. Sangbin jumped into one of mine at the end :p

This is a really simple weekend look featuring my favorite sweater style: the turtleneck. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love these  – which is strange because I feel like it’s one of those fashion choices our mothers made for us in the early 90s that most people hated. I think turtlenecks look so sophisticated especially with a high bun, plus I’m definitely appreciating the extra warmth now that the weather is getting colder. :)

Question for you: what is your favorite sweater style?


Sweater: Banana Republic | Blanket: Target | Coffee Cup: Anthropologie | Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Fig (looks more red in these photos, it’s actually  a little bit more purple IRL) | Nail Polish: Essie Bahama Mama | Eyeshadow: Too Faced Chocolate Pallette (champaigne shade) | Cheeks: Too Faced Ross & Rachel & Milani Baked Blush in Luminiso

It’s been so cold and rainy this week. I really only enjoy this weather when I’m inside and that’s our plan for tonight – watching  scary movies with lots of blankets and pillows. :)

There’s only 29 days left until our trip! I’m keeping the destination a secret for now because I think it will be a fun surprise to share with all of you once we arrive! Until then we have some planning to do.

Question for you: Do you have a go-to show or movie you like to watch on cold and rainy days? If so, what is it?



Today’s Hike

Location: Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, Ohio

Arrival Time:  8:00am

Distance & Time: 8 miles in 4 hours

Number of blisters: Maria – 3 // Sangbin – 0

Wildlife Spotted: Bison, snake, blue jays, & other birds we couldn’t identify

Quick Thoughts:

What were the highlights of the hike?

  1. The bison – total surprise!!  Near the beginning of the trail, we turned a corner and right in front of us was a pasture with about 20 bison grazing in the early morning light – it was beautiful and I may have clapped my hands with delight upon seeing them. Unfortunately, they were pretty far away, and I didn’t have a telephoto lens with me. I took a few short video clips, but nothing too special.
  2. Seeing a young girl on a scooter react to a tiny snake (seriously – it was so small!!) Her reaction didn’t seem to be out of fear, but of surprise. The three adult women with her (and myself) had a good laugh.
  3.  Discovering a “round barn” horse track built in 1958. About half way through our hike, we noticed the structure and decided to check it out. There was a beautiful green space in the middle of the round covered track where we took a break and sat up against a tree. So relaxing – also was a good opportunity to put bandages on my blisters…

What was the most challenging part?

The final two miles of the hike. I realized early on that my boots did not fit me properly. Even though I’ve had them for several years, I’ve only worn them in the city and for short time periods. They pinched my toes and gave me blisters on my heels, I said, “I should have just worn sneakers!” about 20 times during the day… hindsight is 20/20.  We had intended to hike for much longer, but it wasn’t possible, so I was pretty bummed we had to cut the day short and deal with my feet problems.

What was the best part?

  1. Sangbin made some trail mix using homemade pumpkin granola (made by my good friend Larissa!), almonds, and dried cranberries. It was so delicious!!
  2. Taking a nap in the meadow under a tree listening to the sounds of the birds, bugs, and wind. The only thing missing was a hammock! (PS. I reallllllly want to buy this hammock from Anthropologie. So amazing.)

What’s next?

An overnight camping trip in two weeks!


A question for you: What are you doing for fun now that it’s officially fall?