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Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetI arrived in Miami late last night for the first time in nine years. Today, we went to South Beach to hang out with some of my cousins friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love the beach, but am too restless to sit in the sand for more than a few minutes, so I went and explored the beaches. I love the color on the beach. The natural colors, like the blue waters and white sand, but also the colors beach goers have added like the rainbow colored umbrellas and lighthouse inspired lifeguard stations.

Near the end of our trip there was a flash storm that kept us huddled under our beach tent. The last photo was our view of other beach goers hiding under their umbrellas from the strong winds and rain.

This trip has no schedule, other than that I arrived on Friday and will leave on Tuesday, so I don’t know what my next post will look like. I know that I’m interested in the art deco architecture, the colors, and the South Florida climate.







I look forward to brunch every week. I love waking up late and taking time to enjoy my morning on the weekends because my weekday mornings are so rushed.

Sangbin generally ops for a healthier breakfast, while I always go the french toast or eggs/bacon/toast route.

Growing up, my family and I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast Sunday mornings. Recreating this meal with Sangbin on the weekends is comforting and delicious; two components to a great tradition. :)


Florida Packing

Next week I’m leaving the midwestern suburbs for Miami! My last trip, I was 14 and working as a production assistant for three Spanish language Winn-Dixie commercials. It was a lot of long hours and my only visit to the beach was at 3:00 a.m. after a shoot ended. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and checking out the art deco architecture near Miami beach.

In the days leading up to my trip, I will post photos of my makeup bag, carry-on, and purse as part of a new series called, “UnZipped.”



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Before and after

My New Years Resolution (video here) was to record my year through Polaroid-style photos. So far, the Fuji Film camera we bought has mostly been used at parties with friends, but last weekend I brought it with me to the Franklin Conservatory to photography the lovely greenhouses.

This weekend I took four of my favorite photos from that trip and put them in a thrifted frame I bought before we got married. I decided to place the framed photos in an empty corner in our room, which then led to me scrambling around the house to assemble other items and art pieces to accompany it!

The picture above shows what the corner in our bedroom looked like this morning, (I removed all the laundry that had been covering the chair.) ((this has been a bad habit for both of us lately.)) And the picture next to it is what the corner looks like now!

I added my wedding flower crown, a painting of Paris given to me by my aunt, and a wedding card from my friend Whitney.

I love creating art and I especially love decorating my home with beautiful things that also have meaning. To me, this Polaroid project encompasses both those elements and will always remind me of my fun trip to the greenhouses with my family.

Until next time!


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I’m starting a new series for my blog inspired from the lovely Savage Designs. I’ll be posting pictures of objects that belong to me and my husband. His will be on the left and her’s (mine) will be on the right.


I absolutely love the idea of this series and plan to print and frame my favorite photos.